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  NEUGART precision planetary gear boxes
  Since 1868NEUGART has started manufacture of various gears.It depended itself on manufacture of planetary gear boxes matched high precision servo motor in 1966.More than 80 specialist incessantly improve and consummate it including configuration design,select material, machining technics,assembling, quality testing and so on.Up to the present,it is in possession of several patents which made NEUGART planetary gear boxes to be the leader in many key target including output torque, noise,efficiency,radial and axial stress,lifetime,reverse back-lash and so on.  
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  MOTEC planetary gear boxes
  Motec precision planetary gear boxes , have 4 kinds hundreds of types which precision is range of 3~12 and other advantages such as high torque, low noise, long lifetime, high cost performance.
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  Apex planetary gear boxes
  Apex Robot Systems. INC. which have the best advanced product line in the world, wholly manufacture the planetary gear boxed matched servo motor . Profit from More than 10 kinds of patents such as skew tooth , integrative ledge and so on , the precision of gear boxes can achieve higher to 1, steady running and low noise. It has various reduction ratio , single stage ratio including:3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10  
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  SUMER precision gear boxes
  SUMER planetary gear boxes , there are 3 types: NR,PR,SR.every gearbox provide various precision classes , the highest can achieve 1,also there are More than 10 kinds outout mode chosen, expediently assembled .
  Italy Brovini gear boxes
  Brovini products various gear boxes like planetary turbine /worm and other models which is More than 10 kinds including planetary gear, turbine /worm and so on. And thereinto planetary gear-boxs max.torque can achieve higher to millions Nm which is really high torque transmission.  
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