TAMAGAWA encoder  
    Nanometer technology application, numeralization of industry manufacture’s advance in whch modulus ,axis’ angle position and others circumrotate capacity needed had widely used and improved. Numeralization has been used wider and wider as the application in physical testing and automatization control system .

  LENORD+BAUER encoder  
    LENORD+BAUER is one of the famous encoder manufactory in the world where there is 4 series decades of types subjected to LENORD+BAUER. It is a perfect combination of electromagnetism and precision mechanism which have high safety class can run in the abominable situation for longtime within maintenance. Also it can stand high wallop for 20g.
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  Micronor encoder  
    Micronor Co. had manufactured high quality encoder through years’ practice experience and successful technology. It can be used in exact positioning, speed testing and angle testing.
  The situation includes incremental encoder, utter encoder; output signal is square wave and sine wave. Usb ,LPT,Profibus and CANopen can be used during the communication.

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  NEMICON eddy encoder
    The NEMICON encoder had obtained CE attestation and ISO9000 which is high resolution, low cost and min.diameter is 12mm.
  There are 4kinds as follows: microminiature, absolute value model , incremental model , hollow model and handle model.
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